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If your department would like to host TAASK Masterclass, TAASK EXPRESS or TAASK IVA EXPRESS, please get in touch!

TAASK Masterclass has been held since 2013 when it was held in Lund and Stockholm. Now 8-10 courses per year are planned. The goal is for TAASK courses to become as widespread in the world as ATLS.

TAASK Express started in 2022 and the goal is for so many departments as possible to host the course, so that simulation training becomes a natural part of CME for everyone involved in clinical anesthesia and intensive care: both specialist and trainee anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, ODA's, scrub nurses and auxilliary staff. 

TAASK Express and TAASK ICU have not yet been run outside Sweden but out material is available in English.

Do you want to know more about organizing a TAASK Masterclass?

Check the planning document available on this page which describes which competencies are needed in your faculty, what is required of your venue and equipment, and how the course's budget works.

NB The deadline for reserving a week for a TAASK course is:

21 February if the course is held in the autumn,

21 August if the course is held in the spring.

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