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The TAASK Book is intended for the prevention and management of crises in anesthesiology

Who is the book intended for?

  •  Experienced anesthesiologists, as a reference text for refreshment and reading before simulation courses. 

  •  Residents in anesthesiology (although numerous chapters are pertinent to colleagues in adjacent specialities).

  • Anesthesia nurses and nurse assistants.


It may also be of interest to medical students and anesthesia nurse trainees, even though it is not intended as a fundamental textbook.

Omslag TAASK Prevent and manage crises in anesthesiology fourth edition_Sida_1_edited_edit

The book is available in Swedish and English. Is is easily downloaded for free from Apple Books or Google Play Books.

Printed copies can be ordered from the TAASK webshop. You will be redirected via external link to KPH Printing company. (Do not use Safari if you are requested to log in. Choose another web browser).

TAASK Prevent and manage crises in anesthesiology.
Ed: Owain Thomas, Kristin Savolainen, 2021.

ISBN 978-91-519-9595-3

TAASK Förebygg och hantera kriser inom anestesiologi.
Red: Owain Thomas, Kristin Savolainen 2021.

ISBN 978-91-519-9596-0.

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  • 1. Introduction:Safety in anesthesia, non-technical skills and team training

  • 2. Principles of avoiding and approaching crises during anesthesia

  • 3. A structured approach to improve decision-making and avoid errors

  • 4. Airway assessment and management

  • 5. Intra- and interhospital transport

  • 6. The patient with Heart disease in non-cardiac surgery

  • 7. Circulatory failure during anesthesia

  • 8. Intraoperative arrythmia

  • 9. Cardiac arrest during anesthesia

  • 10. Perioperative hypertension

  • 11. Massive hemorrage 

  • 12. Abnormal capnography, hypoxia and problems with ventilation

  • 13. Malignant hyperthermia

  • 14. Anaphylaxis during anesthesia

  • 15. LAST: systemic toxicity caused by local anesthetics

  • 16. Acute poisoning

  • 17. Obstetric crises in anesthesia

  • 18. Electrolyte disturbances

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