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1 day concept course for 48 participants over 3 days, in serious anaesthetic situations and crises.

Short intro lecture then 4 full-scale situations each day.

In addition to anesthesia staff, operating staff and other specialties participate.

Anesthesia departments uses the TAASK course plan and TAASK iPads to run this standardized course in-situ, in 2 OR’s.

Faculty must meet TAASK’s requirements and at least one external faculty member at each course. 

Course overview 

  • Three day course: 12 anesthesiologists (mixed specialists and trainees with at least 12 months’ experience), and 6 nurse anesthesia practitioners / ODAs / anesthesia technicians.

  • TAASK Masterclass is held in Sweden through SFAI (Swedish Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care) and internationally on license from TAASK.


  • Full-scale simulations covering eight serious situations in anesthesia and critical care.

  • Advanced debriefing held by local and external faculty, who must have sufficient training in simulation and debriefing.

  • Focus on both non-technical and technical skills and knowledge.

  • A small number of interactive lectures and workshops covering CRM, difficult airway and circulatory collapse.

  • Standardized airway workshop that is also available as an open-access activity. 

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