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TAASK airway workshop

A 90-minute airway workshop is included in the TAASK Masterclass. TAASK Express centers are expected to hold an identical or equivalent workshop for their employees at least once annually. Clinics that are not affiliated with TAASK are also welcome to rent our airway box to enable airway exercises. Feel free to contact our partners Alleytec, Karl Storz, Cook Medical and Ambu, who participate in the workshop during TAASK Masterclass and often have the opportunity to assist with materials, practical assistance and clinical tips at workshops. 

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TAASK Airway Box

The TAASK airway box can be sent by courier and contains 1 intubation head (Bill from VBM Medical) and 3 models for cricothyroidotomy practice ('Frova' from VBM Medical). Does not contain artificial skin, this is ordered separately.

To order the box, go to Reserve week for airway box under Course planning.

Pricelist (ex VAT)

Hire of airway box per day: 1200SEK

Hire of 6 x synthetic skin strips (enough for 18 people to practice coniotomy 3 times each): 1200SEK

Courier: 400SEK standard charge in Sweden, cost-price outside Sweden.

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Box containing artificial skin

Contains 6 pieces of artificial skin made by CRNA and theater enthusiast Staffan Bylund in Umeå. Sufficient for a TAASK Masterclass (18 participants) to practice coniotomy 3-4 times each. Hire of 1-2 boxes is ordered in connection with ordering the TAASK airway box. The skin is put back in the box and returned for recycling.


Openly available workshop instructions

Instructions for the workshop are freely available on this page - see the menu bar or this link.

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